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Affordable Prices for 360 Liposuction in Turkey

One of the main advantages of 360 lipo in Turkey is its very affordable cost when compared to other countries.
With lipo 360 in Turkey, this is not the case with the widespread perception that you get exactly what you pay for. For an affordable price, the 360 lipo surgery produces outstanding outcomes with high patient satisfaction rates.

Highly Skilled Board-certified Plastic Surgeons

Clinic Wise’s plastic surgeons performing 360 lipo in Turkey have multidisciplinary training and board certification. This is particularly significant since, when carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon in Turkey who follows safety protocols, the chance of the majority of liposuction 360 problems is decreased.

Outstanding Patient Care

At Clinic Wise, we go above and beyond to guarantee excellent patient care.
You will need to have blood tests and a physical check before you can have your plastic surgery. We are the medical tourism center, highly regarded globally, which is evidence of their exceptional patient care that places the highest priority on your health and safety.


To achieve optimal results, our experts will accompany you through every stage of your surgical procedure and recovery. Language barriers won’t prevent you from being comfortable throughout your visit because there are qualified translators on hand.


Clinic Wise is a leader in patient care, placing your health first beyond anything else. We perform comprehensive medical examinations and blood testing before any plastic surgery treatment to confirm your safety and appropriateness for the procedure. Our dedicated group of professionals closely tracks each step of your surgical journey and recovery period, looking for the best outcomes. Our devotion to quality continues after your procedure in the surgical facility.


Clinic Wise is a top medical tourism destination with an international reputation for providing superior medical care to patients. Our international recognition is additional proof of our continuous commitment to your safety and well-being. Since we know that communication is crucial, we provide professional interpreters to ensure that you and your family can communicate easily while here. At Clinic Wise, language barriers will never compromise the level of care you received.


You can rely on Clinic Wise to provide you with unique medical expertise, personalized treatment, and a comfortable atmosphere through every step of your surgical journey. Our primary priorities are your satisfaction, safety, and a healthy lifestyle.

The cost of a 360-liposuction in Turkey is considerably less than that of comparable surgeries in other European nations.

The Best Candidate for 360 Liposuction / Fat Removal Surgery in Turkey

  • An ideal patient for lipo 360 in Turkey is one who satisfies the conditions that follow: is in good mental and physical health; is prepared to maintain a stable weight; is not a smoker or is willing to stop at least six weeks in advance.
  • Is reasonable about the procedure’s outcomes
  • Is conscious of the procedure’s possible risks.
  • Is prepared to travel to Turkey for the lipo 360
  • What Comes Next Should You Want a 360-degree lift in Turkey
  • Make a search. Search for lipo 360 clinics in Turkey to get your treatment done. To assist in making a choice, read online testimonies and reviews.
  • Look up before and after photos of liposuction in Turkey for the clinic you’re considering.
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