Clinic Wise

Clinic Wise is a healthcare provider in Istanbul, Turkey, with popular doctors in hospitals of international standards, always prioritising patient safety and comfort.

Clinic Wise provides accommodation, transfer, interpreter and lifelong after-care support for your plastic surgery, dental treatment, bariatric surgery and hair transplant procedures in Istanbul Turkey

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Ersin Gonullu

Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Ersin Gönüllü has experience especially in body shaping (liposuction, BBL and surgical tightening procedures like tummytuck), breast aesthetics, facial and nose aesthetics. As a result, Ersin Gonullu is one of the best surgeon in Turkey.

Hakan Demirel

Plastic Surgeon
Dr Hakan Demirel is a plastic surgery specialist and provides professional services in the fields of hi-def liposuction, breast augmentation, butt aesthetics and tummy tuck.

Hakan Sirinoglu

Plastic Surgeon
Dr Hakan Şirinoğlu is an aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist born in Bakırköy, Istanbul. He specialises in aesthetic surgery in the fields of face, nose and breast.


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