Why doctors draw on you before plastic surgery?

The world-renowned board-certified surgeon Dr. Ersin Gonullu creates personalized, comprehensive plans. With the goal to providing results that are more than the patient’s expectations and look natural, he also draws patients who are undergoing plastic surgery. But why exactly do surgeons have to draw on their patients’ bodies? Before a plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon should have a pre-op sketching session. This is crucial because it enables the surgeon to comprehend completely the process plan and to get to know their patients.

Identifying a patient’s requirements and planning succesful plastic surgery

Our plastic surgeons use the technique of sketching on patients as guidance during combined plastic surgery such as arm liftvaser liposuctiontummy tuck and safe bbl, which is performed on an outpatient basis.
Surgeons can thus execute the procedure with greater precision if the patient’s body is marked.
Markers are a useful tool for drafting a written contract between the surgeon and the patient, and they can help prevent confusion while discussing the treatment plan with the patient.
For instance, from the perspective of the surgeon, what the patient believes to be his or her hip may actually be the outer thigh. Executing the process with precision and clarity is thus ensured by drawing on the body.

The Surgeon Can Examine All Angles From The Correct Perspective With The Use of Drawings

Drawings on a standing patient are done because the surgeon can more easily manipulate their anatomy with a pen in hand. For example, a patient undergoing a Tummy tuck, which flattens and shapes a bulging abdomen and waist by removing excess fat and skin and tightening weak abdominal muscles, will seem significantly different standing up than they will when laying down on a table. Drawing on the patient’s body will be necessary for a comprehensive examination in order to better achieve symmetry and proportion.

Drawing Can Make Scars Look Less Visible

Creating margins on paper to designate specific regions that are acceptable or unacceptable for work is analogous to drawing on a patient’s body. One quick and simple method to hide scars is to label the parts of the body where they shouldn’t be seen. Therefore, putting marks on the body allows for the best outcomes post liposuction without increasing the chance of scarring.

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