Is Breast Lift Risky?

If you are concerned about the possible risks of the procedure, we can say that breast lift is a totally safe procedure. And the risks are very minimal and reversible with proper taken precautions. The most common risks of the procedure are infection, excessive bleeding, internal bruising, over sensitivity or under sensitivity. However, these are really minimal risks and they could be reversed with a proper after care. Don’t forget that Clinic Wise will be with you after the surgery. You can talk to our experts about the side effects after the procedure.

Is Hair Transplantation Safe?

Hair transplantation is absolutely safe. However, the procedure should be performed by a surgeon who is experienced in the field. Because Clinic Wise surgeons have a great experience in their fields, most probably you will not experience any problem. However, you should also keep in mind that there are some risks in hair transplant surgery like other medical operations. Most common risks of hair transplantation procedure are infection, scars and bleeding. They could be reversed by our expert surgeons.