Company Policy

Following paper is written by the Clinic Wise team with the purpose of enlightening the points that are necessary for both sides to be aware of so that the process from the beginning till the end will be completed pleasantly and without any problem.

Preparation For The Surgery

You are expected to read the document named “Pre- Op Instructions” and “Informed Consent Forms” for each operation before arrival.

We expect you to inform us about your health condition if there is any change from the time you have first filled out our medical form, as soon as the change occurs. (e.g., any type of weight change, disease, infection, Covid- 19, starting or quitting a medication vitamin etc.)

You are expected to read the Quote Received after the Online Consultation by the doctor. In the Quote you will find critical details regarding the Journey Plan, recommendations and warnings by the doctor, for your health and condition. (e.g., pre-tests may be wanted, weight loss or gain may be recommended…)

Please know that at the check-in the hotel accepts a deposit for the possible expenses and room services. It will be given at the check-out, if it is not used.

Please know that in general the hotel is not booked for the days that the patient is staying at the hospital, unless otherwise is arranged. Thus, you are expected to check out from the hotel on the day of the surgery.

Terms and Conditions

Deposit and Payment

  • The deposit is taken only to keep the date of the surgery and will be deducted from the total payment.
  • The deposit must be done accordingly to instructions.
  • Total pricing is arranged and shared on the quote received and valid till the indicated date or year.
  • Amount of the deposits may vary accordingly to treatment.
  • For long-term bookings, without a deposit your coordinator is able to keep your date for 1 week maximum. After this, unless your coordinator indicates otherwise, the surgery date that you chose, can be given to another patient.
  • Rest of the payment is done on the day of the surgery/ procedure after the face-to-face consultation by the doctor.
  • Total payment has to be completed and received before the surgery, in order for the surgery to begin.
  • The payment is done in Cash. It should be noted that we do not have any availability other than Cash in hand. We do not also use credit cards, bank transfer, or do any type of installments etc.
  • Here in Turkey, it is hard to exchange or withdraw money in short notice, so we kindly suggest bringing your payment with you.
  • If the currency you will pay is in Pounds, we only accept “British” Pounds, NEW British notes. It should be noted that Scottish notes are not valid in Turkey.
  • In general, we only accept, EURO, British notes (British Pounds), USD (American Dollars) and Turkish Lira.
    We do not accept any other currency.

Tickets and Airports:

  • Purchase of the tickets belong to patients.
  • Last minute reservations create issues related to reservations and organization and may create hard situations. To avoid this, you need to send your flight tickets at least 20 days prior to the surgery.
  • You need to forward your confirmation e-mail or PDF Electronic Ticket that airlines send. This demand is related to legal recording issues, as all the organization is done with the tickets and it should be noted that screenshots of the flight confirmation is not accepted.
  • You need to check and confirm your country restrictions before arrival to Turkey or after departure from Turkey related with visa or Covid restrictions.

On Your Return

You will be picked up from the hotel 4 hours before the flight time, unless contrary is indicated.

The hotel check-out time is 12.00 pm, you need to adjust your flight hour accordingly.

You should let the coordinator know and confirm the flight needs when you are returning to your country. (Including whether or not you need a PCR test, any letter related to flight, any request from the airport and so on.) If not requested, these will not be arranged.

Refund and Cancellations

  • In the times when the surgery is cancelled, the deposit is not refundable due to the fact that a specific date has been kept for, till the cancellation.
  • When the patient’s surgery is cancelled on the day of the surgery due to a reason, then; the expenses up to the surgery day is covered by the patient. As these expenses (pre op tests, transfer, hotel staying, assistants, are all included in the surgery package price.) When the patient is not having the surgery anymore, the expenses up to the cancellation day has to be done by the patient.
  • The medical history form is essential for us to make complete and safe operation planning for our patients. It is the patient’s own responsibility to ensure that all information on this form is given completely. Although not specified in the medical history form, the extra costs that may arise in relation to any situation detected before the surgery are still the patient’s own responsibility.

After Care

  • Operation results may vary according to patient’s body conditions, reactions and aftercare.
  • In order for you to recover as quickly as possible after returning to your country and to achieve the best possible result from the surgery, you must follow the aftercare instructions that are verbally explained to you and also documented.
  • If you feel anything unusual in your body after the operation, you must inform your patient coordinator.
  • Even if you do not feel any problem after the operation, you have to send photos to your patient coordinator in the appropriate position so that your doctor can evaluate you in the 1st and 2nd months of the post-op.
  • You may ask your questions after the surgery; we would like to keep in touch anytime.


Clinic Wise Team