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Redüksiyon mamoplasti olarak da bilinen göğüs küçültme, aşırı büyük göğüslerin boyutunu ve ağırlığını azaltmak için tasarlanmış cerrahi bir prosedürdür.

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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Bu prosedür genellikle göğüslerinin büyüklüğü ve ağırlığı nedeniyle fiziksel rahatsızlık, ağrı veya psikolojik sıkıntı yaşayan kişiler tarafından tercih edilir.

Meme küçültme ameliyatı, hastanın vücuduyla daha iyi uyum içinde olan daha küçük, daha orantılı memeler yaratmayı amaçlar.

How Long After Breast Reduction Will I Know My Size?

It may take several weeks to months after a breast reduction for swelling to fully subside and for the breasts to settle into their new size and shape. Patients can expect to see their final results and know their new bra size once the initial swelling has resolved and the breasts have healed.

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Couldn't be happier, the nicest people & the best results!

From start to finish I couldn’t fault my experience with Clinic Wise, they have exceeded all my expectations by a mile.

Sam A.

Great experience w/ Clinicwise

Today is the 1 month mark since getting my procedure done in Turkey with Clinicwise and I am very very happy with my results and progress thus far!..


I had excellent experience with this…

I had excellent experience with this clinic and my doctor, the staff was wonderful…


I love my results - can't believe I get to live in this body now

I recently had the pleasure of undergoing a lipo bbl performed by Dr. Ersin, and I couldn’t be happier with the results…


Grateful I had a smooth experience

Everything went so smooth; thanks to the Clinic Wise team. I’m very happy with their care and outcome…


The most amazing experience! Felt like a holiday!

They cared for me with care and made me feel so safe! I am absolutely so proud of myself for choosing Clinic Wise…