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The Most Curious About Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body.

The procedure is done by inserting a small tube into the area to be treated, and then using a vacuum attached to the tube to suck out the fat. As an alternative to liposuction, some people may choose to have weight loss surgery or other procedures that use lasers, radio waves, or sound waves.


Who Is Suitable Candidate For Liposuction?

Non-overweight and with only regional fatty tissue excess patients with good skin quality are the most suitable candidates for only liposuction procedure. Any diet or exercise does not completely eliminate the fatty tissue in some parts of the body, liposuction is precisely targeted to these areas. In addition, it can be applied as an supporter to stretching and lifting surgeries in patients with skin excess or laxity. Patients should have not an obstacle for surgery. In order to determine this, we question the detailed medical history of the patients before the surgery, perform the necessary blood tests and ensure that there are no obstacles. Surgery should be performed in a fully equipped hospital and by highly experienced physicians. In this way, the best results can be achieved under the safest conditions.


How Much Fat Can Be Taken With Liposuction?

It is not possible for any patient to give a certain information about the amount of the fat could be taken before surgery. But through to the advanced aggressive liposuction techniques I apply, I get the maximum fatty tissue that can be taken from each patient’s own body within safety boundaries. The procedure is going on until 360 ° aggressive liposuction in the trunk region and no more fatty tissue can be removed. Although it varies from patient to patient, approximately 4-10 liters of fatty tissue can be taken. A clear figure cannot be given to the patients before the operation, but it can be assured that the maximum amount of fatty tissue that can be removed during the operation is removed. We measure the removed amount during surgery and then share the net figure information with the patient.

Which type of Liposuction is applied at your clinic?

We apply Vaser and Power Assisted Liposuction Real Definition method along with agressive liposuction.
In each patient, the procedure begins with agressive liposuction. The goal of agressive liposuction is to get rid of the maximum fat under the skin so that patient achieves the slimmest possible waist line. Procedure continues with Vaser Liposuction Real Definition method.
Vaser Liposuction is one of the best known method among the Liposuction types, which allows the surgeon to take out as much as fat possible on the safety boundaries operating with a medication injected to the area. Vaser Liposuction as well is one of the best known method in tightening the skin. However this shouldn’t be confused with excess skin, as one might guess when we are talking about excess skin, a surgical procedure such as Abdominaplasty (Tummytuck) should intervene, accordingly to the surgeons recomendations. Thus, we can state that the best skin tightening liposuction type is Based Liposuction in the patients who do not need and additional surgical procedure related to the excess skin.

Does Liposuction Leave Any Scar?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia for patient’s own comfort and safety. Incisions are not big like in other surgical procedures. Only liposuction cannulas have small holes at the entry points. Most of these holes are hidden under natural body folds or bikini line. In the early period, these small holes become slightly pink and red, and in a few months they become as skin color and become highly invisible. In this while, the process of scar maturation can be accelerated with anti-scar creams and sunscreen creams. As a result, that can be said that liposuction surgery does not cause a large visible scars.


Liposuction Should Be Applied Before or After Pregnancy?

Liposuction surgery could be performed safely under particular conditions both before and after pregnancy. If there is a pregnancy planning within 1 year after the planned operation date, it is more appropriate to postpone the operation to the post-pregnancy period. There is no problem to get pregnant six months after liposuction. For any kind of body shaping surgery including liposuction we need to wait at least six months after delivery. In the meantime the weight gain, skin laxity and excess of the pregnancy will be eliminated. If surgery is performed before 6 months after pregnancy, it is less likely to get optimal results.


How Should Postoperative Care Be After Liposuction?

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia, patients stay in the hospital for one night and are discharged the next day. Drains are removed after an average of 3-4 days. After the drains have been removed, patients can take a shower. Some special massages are recommended during the shower, especially on the abdominal area. It is recommended to use compression garment for about 1 month. Simple exercises such as walking can be done in the first week. After an average of 3 weeks, heavier exercises such as fitness can be done. Most of the current edema and swelling goes through the first month. It takes an average of 3-6 months for the entire edema to pass and the skin to tighten and take the final shape. There are some responsibilities that patients must perform after surgery. In order to achieve the ideal result, these responsibilities should be fulfilled. The best results can be achieved if strict diet and exercise are performed after liposuction. After the surgery, you should definitely not gain weight. If weight is gained again, disproportionate and irregularities may occur in the body.

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