Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Procedure

Nose job surgery also known as rhinoplasty means shaping the nose. Deformities on the nose may occur congenitally or due to conditions such as trauma. The nose is one of the most prominent organs at first glance, since it is in the center of the head, the most visible part of the human body. Therefore, deformities in this area also become prominent and impel people to correct them.


How to Prepare For the Nose Job Surgery?

You should stop having medicines, food or drinks that can increase bleeding, such as aspirin, green tea and herbal tea. Also, you should quit smoking a few weeks prior to the surgery. As it is known, some components of cigarette smoke which enter the bloodstream cause circulatory disorder in tissues and therefore increase the complication rate due to recovery problems and delay and affect the outcome of the operation in a negative way.

Does It Improve Existing Difficulties in Breathing?

Before the operation, during patient assessment, the inner part of the nose is examined as well as the deformity of the outer part and if necessary, detailed analysis is carried out supported by various imaging methods. If any anatomical abnormality is detected that narrows or obstructs the nasal airway, this condition is corrected within the same session. With the airway opened, it is expected that there will be no more complaints about breathing.

How is the Nose Job Procedure Performed?

When pre-operative preparations are completed, the patient is taken to surgery under general anaesthesia. Depending on the case, operation time is approximately 1-3 hours. Open or closed technique could be applied, according to the evaluation results. Closed technique is where all the incisions are inside the nose, while in open technique, there is an additional 4-5 mm horizontal incision on the skin between the two nostrils. The incision in this area also becomes invisible within a few months. During the operation, if possible, non-traumatic techniques are used to minimize the problems that may occur following the operation and excellent long-term results can be achieved.

When Can You Return to Your Daily Life?

Patients can return to their daily life within the first week unless there are any problems. You can start light exercises such as walking after the second week, and heavy exercises after the second month. There is no harm in going into a pool or sea after the first month. Depending on the size of the operation, the use of glasses may be limited for three months.

Today, surgeries for nose aesthetics and difficulty in breathing through the nose are among the top procedures in plastic surgery practice. This is understandable as patients experience no serious problems during and after the operation, the process is painless, and they return to work in a short time.

Nose Job Postoperative Care

Patients may be discharged on the same day or the following day. Some medications will be recommended after discharge. Silicone buffers are removed within a few days, while plaster cast and stitches are removed after a week. No pain is experienced in any of these procedures. Each patient may have some swelling and bruises, especially under the eyes. This condition is reduced to a minimum with the current technology, surgical techniques and medications. Swelling and bruises diminish in a short time, with the help of some medications. Nasal massages start after the plaster is removed. Patients should not smoke and protect themselves from trauma after the surgery.

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