Mommy Makeover: Maternity Aesthetic

The Advantages of Combining treatments:

Combining Plastic Surgery treatments can be a great way to save recovery time, save costs, and achieve the desired outcomes if you have various concerns that you hope plastic surgery can address.
This is one of the reasons mommy makeover surgery at Clinic Wise, Istanbul, Turkey.

Momy Make Over Procedure Options

As a personalized operations, the mommy makeover enables you to select which procedures you want to have done. A majority of women usually choose a mix of two or more of the following:
A divided abdominal muscle can be repaired and extra skin that has been stretched during pregnancy removed with an abdominoplasty.

Removes fat by suctioning away fatty tissue from undesirable fatty deposits in various areas of the body.

Removes excess abdominal skin stretched by pregnancy and can also repair separated abdominal muscles.

Mastopexy, breast lift surgery, is a procedure that lifts the breasts by tightening the surrounding tissue and excising extra skin to support and restructure the breasts.

This procedure brings drooping breasts back to their full size while enhancing them into a more youthful posture.
This type of surgery involves eliminating extra tissue for balancing the breasts according to the the upper body.

A Surgical Treatment for Rejuvenating the Vagina. By surgically minimizing the size of the labia minora, labiaplasty seeks to provide a more balanced appearance than non-surgical methods. Personalized approaches, coordinated by Clinic Wise’s plastic surgeons, fulfill particular needs.
Treatments for “vaginal rejuvenation” usually involve energy tools such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, and lasers, to mention a few. A large number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures use energy in some way to achieve a variety of results, including tightening the vagina, reducing incontinence, and getting rid of dryness in the vagina.

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