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Face Lift Recovery Process

Think about undergoing a facelift?

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It is important to understand both the surgical procedure and the aftercare. The recovery period is quick, yet the complete results might not become apparent for several months. Are you ready to start yourself on the journey to lifelong beauty? Let’s discuss the after facelift surgery process.

What to look for in the first week is as follows:

Remember, prioritizing rest and diligent incision care are essential components of a successful facelift recovery.

Facelift surgery recovery period varies depending on the type of procedure and the general health of the patient. Most patients are able to go back to their usual routine by the fourth week.

Day 1:

It’s normal to feel a little dizzy and sleepy just after facelift surgery. Taking prescription painkillers for controlling discomfort is usually the first day’s task. Also, on the first night, Clinic Wise’s night nurses will help you to feel comfortable.

Day 2:

At this point, your board-certified plastic surgeon will arrange a follow-up appointment. We guide you at this point and arrange service to the hospital. Our highly skilled plastic surgeons will examine your wounds and edema during this visit, and they might take off or replace your surgical coverings. Before sending you home, they will give you more instructions on postoperative care if everything appears to be as it should.

Day 7-14:

Throughout this week, there may still be some swelling and bruises near the treatment locations.
Furthermore, some people may feel tightness, tingling, and numbness—all typical complications of facelifts.
You shouldn’t be worried; these symptoms typically go away with time. Many patients start to feel more like themselves by the end of the second week and may think about going back to work or doing small activities like walking.

Days 15–28:

Your general condition might continue to improve as you move into weeks 3 and 4. 
During this time, you should start to feel and look much better, even though some residual swelling and tightness might remain.
At this point in their recovery, patients often start to clearly see improvements in their facial contours.
You can now progressively begin working out and engaging in activities without attracting undue attention to any visible consequences of the surgery. It is expected that the pinkish-red color at the sites of incisions will fade over time.

Day 28–42:

You’re probably “back to normal” by now and able to carry out your daily activities, but you may still be slightly swollen, making it difficult for you to reap every one of the benefits of your facelift. When you approach the six-week mark and start to fully recover, the face you see in the mirror will probably still alter, so have patience throughout this portion of the recovery process!

Day 42 – Plus:

You’ll gradually notice that the puffiness and scars are reducing. Most patients recover completely in eight weeks or less, yet others keep experiencing slight side effects, such as puffiness, for several months following the operation. It’s natural; don’t worry.

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