Fox EyeLid Surgery in Turkey

‘Fox Eye’ Look – Eyelid Aesthetic in Istanbul

What is blepharoplasty?

Canthoplasty, also referred to as “fox eye,” “almond eye,” or “cat eye,” is a kind of blepharoplasty, or eye lift.
Cat eye lifts, -cat eye procedures- gently reposition the outer corners of the eyes to give a rounded but distinctly feline appearance. A brow lift and a lateral canthopexy or canthoplasty (reduces droopy or sagging eyelids) are frequently required procedures in the pursuit of the desirable fox eye, cat eye, or almond eye aesthetic.
When considering fox eye surgery, it’s important to remember that while thread lifts and injectables offer short-term fixes, surgery is the only way to permanently open, reposition, and rejuvenate the eyes.
Clinic Wise’s board-certified surgeons elevate the outer edge of the eye and place it higher to create an attractive arch and an angle that mimics a fox’s eye. This kind of surgery is known as the “fox eye” look. It creates a permanent form that is both appealing and attractive without compromising the patient’s vision.

Want to Try ‘’Fox Eye Surgery’’ ?

Fox eye surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. It will lift your sagging eyelid and give you the desired exotic look if you’re sick of looking worn out and older than you actually are. Combining an eyelift with a fox eye lift procedure makes sense if you’re thinking about getting one for drooping and sagging skin.
Long-lasting effects are achieved, and solving a problem that has troubled you gives you invaluable confidence. Because there is little bruising and the treatment is not overly intrusive, recovery is also rather swift. You should stay away from anything that stresses your eyes, such as watching too much television in the initial days following the treatment. Additionally, you need to stay away from wearing contact lenses for a few weeks. You can rest and heal during the seven to ten days that you will probably experience swelling and bruising. You can then go back to your regular activities, and in around a month or two, you should be completely recovered.
The before and after photos of fox eye lift surgery can be amazing. Its beautiful feminine shape may draw attention to other features of the face while enhancing the overall appearance. The results of this procedure may be incredibly transformative, as Clinic Wise’s board certified plastic surgeons and their highly dedicated professional team have seen firsthand. With relatively little alteration, the fox eye surgery has greatly increased the confidence of both their younger and more mature patients. Make an appointment for a free consultation with us right now if you have any questions about how it would appear on you. This is a timeless feminine appearance that will never go out of style, even though it’s popular right now.

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