J Plasma assisted Tummy Tuck

Discover the Skin Tightening Treatment Option for You

Maintaining smooth, supple skin on your face and body might become more difficult as you age, even with proactive regular skin care.
However, patients desire to appear as young and healthy as possible, which is why skin tightening treatments are so popular.
Skin loses elasticity and moisture, appearing loose and crepey and sagging in some places. Skin tightening procedures can restore smoother, enhanced facial and body contours by strengthening and tightening the skin.
As the body slows down generating collagen and elastin, typical signs of aging begin to appear. Skin tightening helps stop the normal move towards wrinkles and loose skin as it renews this process.
Skin tightening not only enhances your physical appearance but also rejuvenates your spirit by reflecting a younger, vibrant self in the mirror. At Clinic Wise in Istanbul, our board-certified plastic surgeons frequently recommend combining skin tightening procedures, like J-Plasma assisted tummy tuck surgery, for optimal results.

Why choose J-Plasma Assisted Tummy Tuck Surgery?

J-Plasma assisted tummy tuck surgery consistently delivers significantly superior outcomes, ensuring you achieve your desired aesthetic goals with confidence.
Please note that our highly dedicated plastic surgeons prefer to perform the J Plasma procedure on areas previously treated with liposuction.

Advantages of J-Plasma Assisted Tummy Tuck Sugery:

Tightens the skin
Minimally invasive
May reduce your recovery period
Immediate and long-lasting results

Is It Possible To Perform J-plasma In Place Of A Tummy Tuck?

J-Plasma can effectively treat mild to moderate skin laxity,however it is not an appropriate replacement for a tummy tuck.
You might be a better candidate for a Tummy Tuck if you have more noticeable skin laxity, skin redundancy (loose folds), or muscle laxity (diastasis).
After doing a comprehensive evaluation with Clinic Wise’s board certified plastic surgeons will tell you which operation is best for your particular situation. J-Plasma assisted tummy tuck surgery can be performed for you by Clinic Wise’s board-certified plastic surgeons.
With confidence, consider your alternatives! Our highly dedicated patient coordinators at Clinic Wise help you at each step of your journey to determine the best choice for your health by providing free second opinions.
Our top priority is the state of your mind.

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