Arm Lift Surgery or Liposuction?

Being overweight usually results in heavy upper arms, hence loose upper arm skin is most frequently associated with weight loss. The skin extends to make room for the larger volume of the upper arms, which eventually results in a loss of skin elasticity. Thus, tone and firmness in the upper arms cannot be obtained again through diet or exercise.

The amount and location of the extra skin determines the sort of Brachioplasty that is performed. An Lateral Brachioplasty or Mini Arm Lift may be performed by the plastic surgeon to lift up any excess skin that is hanging within two inches of the armpit. There is just one choice if the extra skin reaches the elbow from the armpit.

Brachioplasty / Arm Lift Surgery or Liposuction?

  • Typically, patients with tight skin and extra fat on their arms should consider liposuction. Following liposuction, if the patient’s arm skin does not minimize, they might want to consider performing a brachioplasty. If loose skin is the cause of your issue, liposuction is not a good option. Brachioplasty surgery is typically the best option when the skin is loose.

Arm Lift Recovery Process 1 to 3 Days After Arm Lift Surgery:

  • After surgery, patients will feel minor to moderate pain. Usually, prescription medications and/or natural pain-killers help to effectively control the pain.
    After the surgery, the arms will be covered and bandaged. The arms’ range of motion will temporarily reduce as a result. Even with drains in place, hand swelling is to be expected. The patient will be advised to raise their arms (place their hands over their hearts) when they sleep and not to wear any jewelry, especially rings, until the swelling is gone.

    Until the plastic surgeon gives the all-clear, the patient should wear a loose button-up shirt due to their limited mobility in the early stages of recovery.

2 Weeks Post Arm Lift Surgery:

Patients usually start a scar therapy regimen consisting of a scar cream or tape product with silicone.

Between four and six weeks post surgery: All swelling and bruises should have gone down, revealing the procedure’s finished product. Most patients won’t require garments that compression going ahead. Patients can gradually get back to their exercise routine. After six weeks, the majority of patients receive the all-clear from their surgeon to start lifting heavy objects and engaging in other strenuous arm exercises like tennis and golf. For the following four to six months, the majority of patients stick to their scar treatment planning.

6 months postoperatively:

Scars become invisible as they better combine in with the surrounding skin. For as long as two years post the arm lift, the scars will get better.

Arm Lift Recovery Tips:

  • Just listen to your surgeon’s post-procedure care instructions.
  • For any problems, get in touch with your surgeon right away.
  • As recommended, use the prescribed medication for pain relief.
  • Take a week or two off work to recover.
  • Await your surgeon’s approval before beginning again.
  • While you sleep, raise your arms on pillows to minimize the swelling.
  • For comfort, choose loose-fitting tops with an open front.
  • Removing bandages or touching incision sites should be minimized.
  • Make rest and water your top priorities while eating lighter, healthier meals.
  • Following your arm lift surgery, follow these recommendations for providing easier recovery process.

Long-term Outcome

  • More balance in the arm’s form above the elbow.

  • Improved confidence and comfort when dressing.

  • Reduction of fat, excess skin, and floppy areas, mainly in the upper and inner arms.

  • Lasting outcomes

Remove Sagging & Excess Skin with Brachioplasty surgery! 

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