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Ersin Gonullu, MD

Dr. Ersin Gonullu has experience especially in body shaping (liposuction, BBL and surgical tightening procedures like tummy tuck), breast aesthetics. Received his medical degree from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University. Currently operates in his own private practice in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey. Fellow of EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), Member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association.

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If you are hesitant about whether a breast surgery in Turkey is the right decision for the results which you expect, you can talk with our expert surgeons before the operation. S/he will inform you about the details of the procedure. You can decide together what is the best option for you. If you choose Clinic Wise for breast surgery, first you will tell what you expect from the breast surgery. Then, surgeons of Clinic Wise will give you their advice.

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Dr Ersin and whole team are available for any questions, and when they can't answer them, they send them to the doctor who answers them very quickly. Then, when I arrived, I found that the care was optimal, the appointments were respected, the medical examinations were done with care. The hospitalization also went very well, the hospital is fully equipped for excellent care and despite the language barrier, the nurses and all the staff are very attentive. 4 months after my operation I feel fit and satisfied with my results.
I got my breast uplift and implants done with Dr Ersin Gonullu. I spent a long time looking for a reputable surgeon as I wanted a surgeon with good qualifications in European and American board certificates and was legitimate in the industry. Going abroad and being far from home is scary, especially as this was my first time surgery. I found Cleo the Co ordinator not pushy or using sales tactics. She spoke good English and communicated well with me. Answered all my questions and the response was prompt.
Ersin Gonullu MD took time to discuss the procedure with me, made me feel at ease and answered any questions I had regarding the surgery- he really cares for his patients and the fact that he prioritises health and safe practice is so reassuring.I had a breast uplift and implants and wow I am amazed at the results, I am so so happy!
All I have to say that I have had a very very good experience with ClinicWise and DR. Ersin. Before making my decision there was a few ket criteria that I was looking for in a doctor, number one experience, number two safety precautions. When your looking for a surgeon ladies you need to make sure you do your research, I really like the fact that Dr.Ersin is American board-certified and European as some of you may or may not know there is a difference, from the way that surgeons practice so this is very Key, All the staff have been wonderful, responsive and supportive along the way as you know its not magic , it is a journey.
They were all amazing! I had a breast reduction, liposuction and bbl. the doctor knew exactly what he was doing and how best/safe to execute all. I absolutely love love love my result. My breasts look amazing right now. (Though still healing, I’m only 11 days post op).
Amazing doctor had my surgery 3 years ago (breast reduction) still same size and shape even though I recently had a baby and did put on so much weight during pregnancy! Will definitely be back for tummy tuck once I recover from c section! Thanks to Doctor Ersin Gönüllü!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of women have questions about their mind if they are eligible for the breast lift surgery or not. If you think that you experience drooping or sagging problems in your breasts but can not be sure that breast lift is a good option or not, we could arrange an online consultation with our experienced doctors as soon as possible.  If you are not happy with the appearance of your breast, you can undergo breast lift operation and feel better. 

  • You can undergo breast lift surgery at any time after your breast finished its developing
  • You can undergo breast lift operation after or before the pregnancy. The breast lift operation is not expected to affect breastfeeding.

Por término medio, deberá llevar un sujetador médico en lugar de un sujetador normal durante al menos cuatro semanas. No obstante, la duración exacta la determinarán los médicos expertos de Clinic Wise y deberás seguir sus consejos.

If you are concerned about the possible risks of the procedure, we can say that breast lift is a totally safe procedure. And the risks are very minimal and reversible with proper taken precautions. The most common risks of the procedure are infection, excessive bleeding, internal bruising, over sensitivity or under sensitivity. However, these are really minimal risks and they could be reversed with a proper after care. Don’t forget that Clinic Wise will be with you after the surgery. You can talk to our experts about the side effects after the procedure.

Muchas mujeres sienten curiosidad por los resultados a largo plazo de la cirugía de elevación de mamas. Podemos afirmar sin temor a equivocarnos que la elevación de mamas ofrece resultados duraderos. Los resultados de la operación de elevación de mamas son casi permanentes. Por supuesto, la edad, la gravedad y algunos otros factores afectarán a su cuerpo con el tiempo. Sin embargo, si cuida bien de su cuerpo, disfrutará de los resultados de la cirugía durante muchos años.

Debe dejar de trabajar al menos durante una semana después de la cirugía de reducción mamaria.

Los resultados de esta cirugía serán permanentes, a diferencia de los resultados de otras cirugías mamarias como la elevación o el aumento de pecho. Cuando sus pechos tengan un aspecto más pequeño con la operación. No volverán a ser tan grandes.