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Op. Dr. Fırat Tutal

Op. Dr. Fırat Tutal graduated from Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul University in 2006. He accomplished his degree in general surgery in Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital in 2011. He is an expert in Obesity and Metabolic surgery operations and member of both national and international organizations in this field. Dr. Tutal performs his profession in the light of up-to-date information with IFSO, TOSS, BMCD, and IBC memberships.

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Turkey is one of the best country in the world for the bariatric surgery process without any question. Experienced surgeons, partnership with international hospitals and low cost are some of the reasons to choose Clinic Wise. The advantages offered to you by Clinic Wise also from good reasons to choose Turkey for the bariatric surgery process.

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I had a truly amazing experience with Clinic Wise that I can't fault in any way. I felt taken care of from the moment I arrived in Turkey. Everything was taken care of and someone was always available. Team is outstanding and really made me feel comfortable. It came so naturally to the team that I felt as if we were great friends. The support, before the gastric bypass operation and after was perfect. I was able to ask questions and nothing was too much.
Clinic Wise has been my go-to hospital for gastric sleeve surgery. The doctor there's extremely skilled and have helped me to get back on track with my life. I feel so much healthier and the quality of the doctor is incomparable to other clinics in Istanbul. Clinic Wise's hands down the best!
I'm happy to have found Clinic Wise during my search for a weight loss clinic. The process was so easy, I could barely believe it. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life! atb to you.
I had a lot of trouble with my weight so my friend referred me to Clinic Wise. I was very happy with the service and knowledge of the doctors, who were more than happy to answer all my questions and make sure I felt comfortable before and after the surgery. I feel great about my decision to have a gastric balloon
I was looking for a weight loss clinic in Turkey and I found Clinic Wise. I had been hesitant to go the Turkey because it was new experience for me but after going there, I realized that it is worth. The staff is friendly and the doctors are great. They helped me so much and cleared my worries! I will go there again and have BBL.
I had a great experience with Clinic Wise. I was looking for a gastric sleeve clinic and they had the best reviews out of all the clinics I looked into. The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. The procedure itself went well and I am very happy with my results!!!
This was an amazing experience with Clinic Wise. They always helped me and the staff was very friendly. The doctor is very professional on his field and he was very trustable. My gastric bypass surgery was brilliant. Their package included all my needs and I never regret. Fully recommendeddd!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Auf jeden Fall ja. Denken Sie daran, dass jede Operation, auch wenn sie nur minimal ist, ihre eigenen Risiken hat. Der beste Weg, die Risiken zu überwinden und zu vermeiden, liegt in der Hand eines erfahrenen, spezialisierten Chirurgen sowie eines erfahrenen Teams und technologischer Möglichkeiten. Glücklicherweise ist die Clinic Wise mit all diesen Dingen ausgestattet, was die bariatrische Chirurgie so sicher und plausibel macht, wie sie nur sein kann.

Nach der Konsultation mit den Ärzten werden Sie sehen, ob Sie für die bariatrische Chirurgie in Frage kommen oder nicht. Im Allgemeinen kommen jedoch Menschen, die an krankhafter Fettleibigkeit leiden und gewichtsbedingte Krankheiten haben, für die Operation in Frage.

Im Allgemeinen sollten Sie ein oder zwei Tage lang nichts essen, damit Ihr Magen heilen kann. Danach sollten Sie über Wochen eine bestimmte Diät einhalten.

In den meisten Fällen führt die bariatrische Chirurgie zu sehr erfolgreichen Ergebnissen. Sie müssen jedoch wissen, dass jeder Mensch, jede Art von Lebensstil und jede Diät anders ist. Wenn beide Seiten kooperieren und Opfer bringen, liegt die Erfolgsquote bei 90 %. Wenn man also nicht kooperiert, kann es leider vorkommen, dass einige Patienten nach dem Eingriff wieder zunehmen.