Bichectomy Surgery (Cheek Aesthetic)

A person’s facial features play an important role in social recognition and acceptance. All kinds of tissues and organs on the face are the areas where we will make a direct first impression. Bichectomy surgery makes people’s faces more attractive.

People’s perceptions of beauty are associated with the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a value that expresses the ratio of each organ in the face to the others. If a person’s face has the golden ratio or is close, it is perceived by the human eye as an attractive face. The most important factor that determines the golden ratio is, in the simplest terms, the triangular shape of the chin and cheeks. Thanks to this ratio, the face looks young, beautiful, attractive and aesthetic.

Cheek aesthetics, aiming to reach the golden ratio, is also applied to faces where the contour of the face is square and the fat tissue on the cheek is excessive. Very successful results are obtained with the operation applied in cheek aesthetics. Bichectomy Surgery (cheek aesthetics) is the process of removing excess fat tissue 1 cm from the cheek area by intervening inside the mouth without leaving any traces on the face.

Why is Bichectomy Surgery Done?

Bichectomy Surgery (cheek aesthetic) operation is preferred not only by women, but also by men. Different operation planning suitable for facial structures is required for male and female patients. This operation can be used to address the following aesthetic concerns:

Indeterminate and small cheekbones

Square or round face appearance caused by excess fat tissue in the cheek area

Very successful results are obtained in cheek aesthetic surgery, especially in young women. The cheeks of individuals in their 20s and 30s may droop due to their genetic inheritance, and their cheeks may appear round due to the fat layer. These people look much older than they are, and they also have to live with a tired-looking face. Fat tissues next to the cheeks show that the person is worn out by emotions such as stress and fatigue. To remove these expressions from the face shape, cheek aesthetics is performed. Cheek aesthetic operation is preferred not only by women but also by men. Separate operation planning and application are required for male and female patients.

Risks of Bichectomy Surgery and Things to Be Considered

Cheek aesthetics is considered a relatively safe plastic surgery procedure. However, as with all surgical procedures, there are risks. Possible complications include infection and bleeding. Infection problems that may occur after surgery can usually be treated with antibiotics. Chewing, smiling, or yawning can be relatively uncomfortable until the cheeks heal.

The results of cheek aesthetics can be seen immediately, but the final result will occur in the 3rd week, when edema and swelling completely disappear. If you want to apply to our clinic for bichectomy surgery, you can fill out the form or contact us via the whatsapp button on the here.

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