BBL Surgery Recovery Tips

Brazilian butt lift has grown into one of the most talked-about and successful cosmetic procedures available, and now counts itself among the top 10 most popular plastic surgery procedures around the globe. For this reason, bbl surgery recovery became one of the most curious subjects.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery is a way to create the desired shape of the buttock by using your own fat, as well as liposuction, to fill out and shape it. The result is a rounder, plumper buttocks that looks natural. For patients who maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise, a BBL can provide results to last a lifetime.

Sitting After BBL Surgery

Sitting is a mostly involuntary action that people do instinctively. While it seems simple, avoiding sitting can be one of the most challenging parts of your bbl surgery recovery. People sit while they work, sit while they rest, sit while they eat, etc. There is an act of sitting in every moment of our life. Once you have your butt lift, however, you’ll need to keep away from sitting during your initial healing period.

During your surgery, our doctor transplants a specific quantity of purified fat cells into your buttocks. Those newly transplanted cells require special care whilst they settle, heal, and begin to be regular with the aid of your body. Throughout your recovery procedure, regardless of how careful you’re, your body will reabsorb around 30 to forty% of the fats tissue. This phenomenon is a completely ordinary and anticipated a part of the restoration process.

You should always sit as little as possible to reduce your chances of developing persistent pain. But keep in mind that accidents do happen and there is not always a way to avoid the pressure. Here are our tips for sitting:

  • Minimize sitting time to no longer than five minutes, especially during weeks one and two
  • Stand up between sitting periods to stimulate blood flow
  • During the critical two- to six-week post-op period, always sit on a doughnut-shaped cushion

Can I Drive or Soak After Surgery?

You should refrain from driving for six to eight weeks after a bbl surgery and should avoid soaking your butt completely in water for at least six weeks following any bbl procedure.

Until you are completely healed and your doctor says it is OK, you should avoid driving a car and sitting in prolonged hot baths, hot tubs, pools, or the beach.

Exercises For BBL Surgery Recovery

You should postpone strenuous physical activities until you have fully recovered from your surgery. After 6 to 8 weeks, the fat cells will be stable and can withstand moderate physical activity. There are some exercises for bbl surgery recovery:

  • Squats
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Lunges
  • Standing lateral leg raises
  • Side leg raises
  • Plank leg raises

Apply Healthy Diet For BBL Surgery Recovery

Keeping your weight stable and eating plenty of nutrient-rich, healthy foods is one of the keys to making sure your recovery goes well and that you see ideal results. As much as you might want to jump back in with your workout routine, you’ll need to stay away from the gym or any strenuous physical activity until your doctor clears you to do so. Especially during the early stages of recovery, you want to be sure not to take on any weight-loss diets or exercises, as your body’s natural fat-trimming mechanisms can affect the newly transplanted fat.

It’s also essential not to gain a significant amount of weight, as this can distort your results. Beyond the aesthetic benefits of maintaining a balanced, healthy diet, eating well during your recovery helps give your body the fuel it needs to recover quickly. Try to stick to healthy fats (like fish and avocado), lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates. All these foods are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that keep your body running in peak shape. Do your best to stay hydrated, as water and other fluids provide your body even more essential electrolytes, salt, and minerals.

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